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How do I become a teacher with Music Coach? 

You can become a teacher with Music Coach by filling out a teacher application form below, which is super quick and easy. From there, if successful you will need to book in a time for a zoom or phone interview and supply a background check. If we feel like you would be a great fit to have with us we will begin the onboarding process of showing and teaching you everything that you will need to begin teaching.

How will I get students?

For starters we recommend creating a content rich teacher profile that you’re happy with. After that, our marketing team will do the rest to get word out for students in your area and tell incoming students about you and all the reasons why you would be a great teacher for them. Once a student has pre-paid for their lessons, we will notify you of an initial lesson and if the student is happy to continue they are your student to teach.

Are there any costs involved with becoming a teacher?

Music Coach is completely free! We do not charge our teachers and only make money when your teachers do.

How will I be paid?

Teachers are paid every two weeks. When a teacher signs on to teach with us, they will have a timesheet to be filled out and sent to Music Coach and Music Coach will then pay out the teacher to their notated bank account.

How many students will I receive? 

We unfortunately cannot guarantee a certain number of students as there are many different factors that play in to student searches and enquiries coming through. Things such as popularity of instruments, location, skill level etc. are all factors. To help you get more students quickly what we do recommend is opening up and keeping your schedule updated so we can easily notify and book students in with you. We find that teachers who communicate well with Music Coach admin are more likely to have the most success with the number of students they have booking in.

What curriculum will I teach? 

You are 100% in charge of your curriculum. As a Music Coach teacher, you will have access to support and teaching resources but how you teach is completely up to you. As long as your students are happy and keep coming back for more, we’ll keep sending students your way. We only ask that our teachers be willing to fill out term student reports and keep their schedules up to date.

What happens when I get a new student?  

When you receive a new student you will receive an email and text notification from us letting you know that you have a new student and will provide you with the necessary student information. Just confirm with Music Coach admin that you are good to teach the student with the time we have booked in for you to teach.

Where do lessons take place?

Because Music Coach operates as a remote music school, all of our teachers travel to their students within their area. We also offer online as an option as well.

Will I become a direct employee of music coach?

Yes, Music Coach employs all teachers on a casual basis.

Before you apply to become a teacher, please read our teacher agreement

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