Terms & conditions

By signing up as a student with Music Coach, you agree to following terms and conditions.
- Payment may NOT be made in cash or directly via a teachers mobile banking system.
- All lesson payments must be made through Music Coach's direct debit system that you sign up and authorise for. For payments we require your payment information to be kept within our secure file via our payment software that we use - Stripe
- Payments are deducted based on what you opt in for: per term, half term, fortnightly or weekly
- We require each student to commit to paying for each lesson of the term.


- Lessons are structured on either a week by week or fortnightly basis

- All students have a fixed lesson time each week, meaning if you have 7pm Monday, this will be your time each week, unless otherwise agreed by your teacher.
- Your lesson time is to be organised with your teacher
- If you wish to change from weekly to fortnightly or the other way around, this is to be organised with your teacher and Music Coach is to be notified. The change is dependent on your teachers availability.
- Any changes to your lessons must be communicated with Music Coach so we can update your direct debit accordingly.

- Music Coach offers a first lesson for free so you can get to know your teacher and see if your teacher is a right fit for your lessons
- If a student fails to show up for their free lesson or cancels the free lesson within less than 24 hours notice we will charge you half the price of what the lesson rate would be so we can respect our teachers time.


- Music Coach does not provide refunds on missed lessons
- Music Coach provides makeup credit for missed lessons that have been notified within a period of 24 hours. Failure to provide 24 hours notice will result in the lesson being forfeited.
- If you wish to cancel a lesson and makeup credit for whatever reason is unable to be provided or organised we will provide you with an online virtual lesson where your teacher will deliver a video lesson to you by email.
- If you wish to reschedule we require 24 hours notice. The rescheduled time is to be organised with your teacher.

- If your teacher is absent, we will arrange a makeup lesson to be had with your teacher. If a makeup lesson cannot be arranged we will aim to find a replacement teacher.
- If your teacher decides to go away on holidays or take an extended period of leave, we will aim to seek out a replacement teacher and provide 2 weeks notice. If a replacement teacher cannot be found we will pause your payments until your teacher returns.

- We understand life happens and if you wish to stop taking your lessons with us (we'll be sad to see you go) we kindly ask that you provide us with two weeks notice so we can cancel your direct debit and notify your teacher.
- If you decide that you would like to take a break from lessons but know at some stage you will want to return please alert Music Coach of your absence. Music Coach will pause your direct debit until you are ready to start your lessons back up again.

- All communication regarding payments is to be done directly with Music Coach.
- All communication regarding your lessons. This includes lesson cancellations, makeup credit etc. is to be done directly with your teacher along with notifying Music Coach where possible and applicable.
- In the event that a lesson has been changed e.g. changing from hour lessons to half hour lessons or lessons once a week to once a fortnight and student has not notified Music Coach directly, we will not take responsibility for any extra charges to your debit with the failure to notify.

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Music Coach is a music school with a twist. Think of us as the uber for music lessons, where lessons take place from the comfort of your own home, our online classroom or a teachers home/studio base. Our aim at Music Coach is to take the stress and hassle out of finding a music teacher. You can search our teachers through our easy to use platform and database and request to have lessons with your teacher of choice.

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