Payment and pricing

General pricing and payment information

Payments for all lessons must be made through Music Coach's secure payment system. PAYMENTS MAY NOT BE MADE IN CASH OR VIA DIRECT TRANSFER TO A TEACHERS PRIVATE BANK ACCOUNT OR MOBILE PAYMENT SYSTEM.

payment of tuition

Our music teachers are high-quality, professional working musicians and teachers. In order to respect their time, all bookings are paid for in advance via our automatic payment system. To protect our teachers time we do not offer refunds for cancelled lessons. To compensate for any cancelled lessons that have been provided with a 24 hour notice we offer makeup credit where the lesson is to be rescheduled with your teacher at a later time and date. If a makeup lesson cannot be arranged we will organise a video lesson, whereby if a makeup lesson is unable to be made, your teacher will provide you with a virtual lesson that will be emailed to you. This helps protects our teacher's time and lets them focus on preparing great lessons for students.

direct debit

why weekly payments of fees via direct debit over standard invoicing?

In order to simplify our account payment process, we kindly ask that all Music Coach music school fees be payable by direct debit that is dependant on teachers rates and how often and long you are wanting your lessons with your teacher to be. If you already use subscription services like Netflix, Spotify or are subscribed to a gym membership you will realise how efficient direct debit is and have likely experienced the benefits and peace of mind of direct debit as well.

Unfortunately we came to a stage where we were spending too much time collecting and chasing outstanding fees where it became time consuming and put a strain on our expenses and day to day operations. This took away from us focusing on the things that inspire us... Creating and building a platform and network of great music lessons and teachers. To put simply, direct debit allows us to concentrate on what is important for our students and teachers.

The benefits that direct debit offers:
- No more bill shock
- No more large and upfront payments
- No more late fees
- No more phone calls or emails from our head office chasing up payments

our direct debit terms and conditions

- Your direct debit payment starts the day from which you have your first official lesson.
- Payments are deducted depending on how often you take lessons (either weekly or fortnightly. For students who wish to take lessons twice a week, we will add the two lesson payment together that will be deducted on a weekly basis).
- If we see that a direct debit payment has failed, there will be a $5 late dishonour fee. We will then try a second time approximately 24-48 hours after trying the first time including the $5 dishonour fee. If it fails the second time, we will contact you to inform you of us making a 3rd and final attempt. Unfortunately, if we fail to receive payment by our 3rd attempt, we will have no option but to cancel your lessons until your fees are up to date and sorted.

Getting started with direct debit

Your payment plan or direct debit is automatically set up when you sign up for y Payment is dependant on your teachers rates, how often you would like to attend lessons and for how long you would like your lessons to be. Please be assured that your information is kept strictly confidential.

lesson cancellations

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